LDR is not as Tough as You Thought

Because everyone has their own story : good, bad, happy, sad, inspiring, boring. So I am here to reproduce it, share it with all of you, despite my bad-written-english-skill, forgive me.

(Illustrated) One tough kind of relationship (photo : sassyhongkong.com)

The man is facial-hairful. He looked so scary at the first sight, yet he was so silent. I met him in the bus from Bandung to Jepara. We shared the same row of seat, I don’t like a silent atmosphere, so I decided to start a conversation with him.

He is from Pecangaan, a sub-region of Jepara, and currently working in Bandung, in a furniture company. A father with one kid and one wife whom he left the in Pecangaan.

“Why you’re working in Bandung? Ain’t you miss them?” simply a stupid question you all shouldn’t try. Well, life is not easy, it never is. He was once working in Jepara, in a furniture company too. The income was good, he was able to cover all of his family expenses. But that’s it. No money he could save, neither his wafe could because she was just a house-wife. The kid begun his study life, meant the family needed more money. So that’s why the man must go somewhere else to find a better job, something that can give him more earnings. And then he found it in Bandung, somehow he was thrown 450+ km away from the two he loves the most.

“Why you no take them to live with you in Bandung?” see? I really am stupid by asking that question. It will only make another problem he said. The living cost in Jepara is lower than Bandung, of course. So if he took his family to Bandung, no money he could save. He might be able to cover the expenses, but what about his son education? In a worse case, his income might not be able to cover them. He wants the best for his family, especially his son. It will be his biggets joy and pride to see his son became a big man. A man who will not ended up like him. He wants a brighter future for his son. It is that simple he said. Furthermore, he thought that his son will grow up better in a rural area rather than in a big city like Bandung.

The he continued his story. He wanted to go home because he misses his family. That is something we all have to understand for a father who only have a chance to meet his family once a three months. I was looking at his eyes. And trust me, if you were there you will be touched or even shed your tears. I almost did.

“My son will celebrate his birthday in May.”

“Surely you will be there man, won’t you?” he was smiling. I guessed this time I wasn’t stupid enough, thanks brainy. Long distance relationship (LDR) is not easy. It sure is for the married couples. Doubled if there is/are kid(s) involved.

Well, are you someone who is in an LDR? If you’re not married yet, trust me it is not as tough as you think. If you already had spouse and kid(s), then it is even more tough than you wonder.

© Shesar_Andri, March 25th 2013

the night before a test at Salty Spitoon


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  1. jxnxt says:

    I’m currently in a long-distance relationship myself, and we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary in less than a month. We only spent 3-5 days together once every 3 months; sometimes that makes me and my boyfriend wonder how did we manage to survive this, haha.
    I like your title, yes tbh, LDR is not as tough as people always assume. It just requires a little more work; patience, communication, and trust. That sounds a lot, but if the person you’re with is worth it, all of those things will just magically working out and creating a bond that is stronger than any close distance relationship ever. 😀

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