No TV, No Dispenser, No WiFi, Just Game and Fun

What do you want to achieve in your life? A big house, luxury cars, work at a big company, or own a company located in a industrial area? Nothing’s wrong with those, but trust me if you speak with this man, you will think that those achievements are, let me say… mainstream.

Eko Nugroho

Please welcome Eko Nugroho, probably the number one weirdo I’ve ever known. For you who didn’t know him yet, he is a CEO of Kummara and a lecturer at Universitas Padjajaran Bandung. He got his master degree in Germany, but then decided to go back to Indonesia. The reason was simple yet so common, he thought that it’s true someone could contribute to his/her country while living abroad, but most likely there might always be a point-of-no-return. It’s when someone already feel so comfortable with his/her new environment and then have some restriction of coming back such as family, kids education, and job reason. Briefly, he/she didn’t want to and couldn’t come back to the hometown/homecountry.

What did he get in Germany? Beside his master degree, he came back with deep love on board game, something so very familiar in the society. Anyway, if you think that board game is only about Monopoly, Ludo, Snake & Ladder, and Halma surely I suggest you to increase your playing-hours. There are a lot more about board game. Lots of gameplay, experience, trick, bluff, and laugh of course.

He once shared his story when he was firstly playing board game with Germany friends. He knew no how to speak deutsch. And you know what? The game session was so fun he said, though they didn’t understand each other languages.

When Mas Eko and his friends made that play-event named Indonesia Bermain back in October 2011, I was one of the volunteers. As you would guess, that was the first time I met him. He gathered the volunteers one month before the event, something pretty uncommon because usually the volunteers just come on D-Day. Can you imagine what we did that time? Nothing but playing board game and barbequeing stuffs from corn, chicken, marshmallow, to jengkol and garlic. Yeah, he did gave some briefing about the event, but it was no more than 20 minutes if my memory’s still working well. Seems useless and wasting money? Not at all. We benefited from the gathering. We, volunteers, knew each other by then. Some of them are still good friends of mine till this moment : Enggar, Aughy, Arya, Nana, Anna, Inay, Bima, Liya, Ramzi, Anchi, and Indri. Well actually that was what Mas Eko’s intention, for us to know each other first before work together on D-Day. I thank him very much for that.

What we did, playing board game at volunteer meet-up 😀

No dispenser, no television. That’s what you got when you give his house a visit. Prefer to read books he said. The temperature of the hot water produced from dispenser isn’t good enough to make coffe he told me. And if you come to Kummara’s headquarter, most likely you won’t feel like being in an office since it is so homey. They got warung for those who want snacks and drink. You will find a lot of books, and of course board games! The best part of all is it’s okay to take a nap when you can’t control your drowse-level anymore. Ah, one more thing, he’s the boss but he feels okay to say, “Oi, I’m out of money, can anyone lend me some?”. That’s just… well, got no word for that one.

Several days ago, he shared his dream(s) to me. He dreams of making Indonesia as a big player in game industry. You want great console, PC, and handheld game? There are UK, USA, and Japan. You love online game? Then Korea is your lover. And if you’re looking for positive game, you will find Indonesia. That’s what he dreams of. Another one, he wants Kummara’s employee able to work remotely. The artworker’s drawing something far away somewhere in Bali or any other beautiful places. His idea is one shouldn’t be kept at an office day by day. To be creative one should interact more and more with society. Freeing the unnecessary pressure and get more inspiration I guess. He seems doesn’t come along with the idea of superb office in an industrial area like most people do.

He wanna have a building with cafe in the first floor, that’s for Happy Play (sister of Kummara which concern of making kids-at-hospital happy), and an office with supermodern technology for Segitiga.Net (brother of Kummara which manage the media, as they said as “Your Guide for Positive Gaming”). The cafe won’t have any TV nor wifi access, why? So people will play, interact, and laugh together. No such thing as being busy with yourself.

Punakawan, board game made by Kummara (photo :

For me, having a conversation with him feels like I’m free to dream about anything, even the most absurd and ridiculous one. He always told me to do what I love, with passion.

“Don’t just get a job, do something you love the most.”

I have people around who did anything just as it is. To face the reality, to stay with the current system. I may say those kind of people make my feet stay on the ground. Nothing’s wrong with that. And I also have people like Mas Eko Nugroho who encourage me to use my unused-wings, fly high in the sky to reach your dream. Those kind of people just balance my life. Thank you.

©Shesar_Andri, 6th May 2013

still doing leveling as a job hunter


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